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7th December
Surfing Excursion
1.00pm End of Year College Mass

8th December
Year 7 & 8 Semester II Awards 10am
Year 9/10/11 Semester II
Awards 11.50am
Festival of the Word
English Display 6.15pm

9th December
Major Sports Awards
Breakfast  7- 8.30am
Year 9 HSIE to War Memorial
Police Liasion Safe Partying Talk

12th December
End of Year Major Awards 10am

23rd, 24th, 25th January 2017
Uniform Shop open 8am - 2pm



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Welcome to our website......

Marian Catholic College prides itself on being a ‘community school’ where each individual is valued and their contribution is recognised and appreciated.

The College’s student support and welfare programs are designed to ensure a safe, caring and supportive environment in which all students have the opportunity to achieve their best. We are proud of our College and of its students. The students work very hard and they achieve very good results both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. Some of these include Tournament of Minds, Music, Drama, Public Speaking, Art Club, Duke of Edinburgh Award, MUNA and representative sport.

The main thing that teachers at Marian want to do is to support students’ learning. We will help students to build upon their strengths as well as to try to overcome their weaknesses. If students work hard in their lessons and with their homework, if they take up the wide variety of opportunities in front of them, they have every chance to find great success at Marian.

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Another BIG week in the Science Department! The Year 9 had a wonderful time at Altina Wildlife Park on Wednesday and Thursday. I think they will agree that the highlight was the kissing camels which almost made the girls dive off the cart. It was a very impressive experience, with the staff at Altina giving the students a wonderful understanding of the history, characteristics and future of these species. The environment for these animals is calm, natural and safe. It is certainly a credit to the Altina family who realized their vision and provide visitors with a wonderful experience.

On Friday, the students and teachers welcomed the year 6 students who will join us in 2017. Students were introduced to the need for safety in the labs. They earned their Learner's Permit to light the Bunsen burner and I am sure that they will all respect the learning environment and become budding scientists as they explore their world and build their expert knowledge during the next six years.

The campus seemed a little empty without the Year10, who have been on their excursion. Students in Year 10 who are studying a Science in the seniors years have been working on material to prepare them to succeed in the study that they will undertake in 2017. The students who will not join us next year in Science have been working on problem solving activities that have been developed this semester by Mrs McIntosh for the Science Department. I am sure they are all looking forward to being seniors and working to prepare themselves for a specific career.

The Year 12 will need to do revision and study after the Christmas season. They should start with the first unit in their Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Senior Science courses to prepare for the HSC. There are also past papers on the BOSTES site that they can explore to gain a familiarity of the questions that they will be asked in their examinations.

On behalf of the Science staff, I wish every family a safe and holy Christmas. It's a time to stop, revive, enjoy special family time and thank Jesus for all our blessings.

Science  Science

Our English students are putting their talents on display and they want YOU to be there! It's time again for Festival of the Word, which celebrates all things English … reading and writing, speaking and listening, and viewing and representing. To wrap up an exciting 2016, students from Year 7 through to Year 11 will be performing, presenting and displaying their work on Thursday night, December 8th in the MCC Drama Room and Art Room.

The evening will kick off with a sausage sizzle, run by our 2017 student leaders, from 6.15pm and you can admire displays from some of our junior English units this year. From 7pm we will be showcasing on-stage skills, with plays written by Year 10 students , speeches from Year 7 and 11 students, Shakespeare performances, a poetry recitals, storytelling Samoan style, a number of creative commercials from our Year 10's and the Great MCC Spelling Bee! Plus much, much more…. Don't forget to collect your ticket for the lucky door prize! So come and join us as we round off the year with a celebration of the Word!

Enrolment interviews are in progress now!  Attention parents of Year 6 students who have not submitted an application - If your Year 6 student is intending to atttend Marian Catholic College in 2017, please contact Mrs Julian O'Keeffe at the College Office 02 6969 2400 ASAP. Thank you!

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