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13th December
Students last day - Lake Talbot

23rd, 24th, 25th January 2017
Uniform Shop open 8am - 2pm



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Marian Catholic College prides itself on being a ‘community school’ where each individual is valued and their contribution is recognised and appreciated.

The College’s student support and welfare programs are designed to ensure a safe, caring and supportive environment in which all students have the opportunity to achieve their best. We are proud of our College and of its students. The students work very hard and they achieve very good results both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. Some of these include Tournament of Minds, Music, Drama, Public Speaking, Art Club, Duke of Edinburgh Award, MUNA and representative sport.

The main thing that teachers at Marian want to do is to support students’ learning. We will help students to build upon their strengths as well as to try to overcome their weaknesses. If students work hard in their lessons and with their homework, if they take up the wide variety of opportunities in front of them, they have every chance to find great success at Marian.

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2016 has been a highly successful year for the College and I thank everyone for a wholehearted effort. The past few weeks has seen no slackening of resolve as every week featured students and staff striving to do their best in a whole range of curriculum, extra-curricular and sports activities. I also thank parents who have supported these events. The award ceremonies were equally well attended.

The week has been one of reflection and celebration of achievements. There have been a number of awards ceremonies and sitting on the stage I am privileged to see the pride shining from the faces of students and the love of their parents when a name is called out to collect a certificate. It doesn't matter whether it is one or many awards, the emotions expressed are the same. I am aware of many of the “journeys” made by students this year to make a success of themselves. It takes courage to do well. It is one of the attitudes needed to be successful and I, along with all staff, are very proud of the notable achievements by our students. I look forward to the next occasion where we will gather to acknowledge their efforts


Photos of recent events - Gift of Kindness Day (above) and Narrative Day (below).
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