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25th-26th July
White House Workshop

26th July
Tournament of the Minds
Drama Day
Year 12 Drama Evening
6pm Drama Studio

28th July
Westpac Maths Competition

28th-31st July
Ski Trip - Thredbo

29th July
Brainstorm Productions
Years 7 and 8 Lession 1

30th July
Year 11 English Excursion to
Wangaratta to see Othello




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Website Issues

Welcome to our website......

Marian Catholic College prides itself on being a ‘community school’ where each individual is valued and their contribution is recognised and appreciated.

The College’s student support and welfare programs are designed to ensure a safe, caring and supportive environment in which all students have the opportunity to achieve their best. We are proud of our College and of its students. The students work very hard and they achieve very good results both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. Some of these include Tournament of Minds, Music, Drama, Public Speaking, Art Club, Duke of Edinburgh Award, MUNA and representative sport.

The main thing that teachers at Marian want to do is to support students’ learning. We will help students to build upon their strengths as well as to try to overcome their weaknesses. If students work hard in their lessons and with their homework, if they take up the wide variety of opportunities in front of them, they have every chance to find great success at Marian.

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The College will celebrate Mathematics Week from July 25th-29th. As in previous years, the whole week will be full of varied activities that will provide opportunities for each student to enjoy the many applications of Mathematics in their daily lives. Each student is encouraged to enter at least one of the activities set for the week. The theme for this year's Maths Week is : Mathematics is Fun!

On Monday, July 25, the Bake a Cake/Cupcake Contest will be on. Mathematics teachers will judge the entries based on the artistic aspect of decorating a cake with mathematical symbols/signs. Tuesday lunch time, Ms Burton and Ms Blanco will hand out the Maths Treasure Hunt sheets for student with a partner fill in the information needed to win. The first three groups that hand in the information sheets, will win prizes! Homework Sheets will be given to any student who wishes to solve Mathematical problems with their families. The family who get the most number of correct answers, wins a gift voucher. Collect the sheets from Ms Blanco on Monday. During the whole week in Maths lessons, trivia questions and puzzles will be given out. This is an excellent opportunity for all students to participate in solving a variety of problems and see some applications of maths to real-life situations. Which will illustrate how maths can be a lot of fun too! Other competitions during the week will include the Poster making competition for the art enthusiasts. For the culinary experts, we have the Bake a Cake/Cup Cake Contest as mentioned. And for a student or group who compose a poem or a song with mathematical content or include this in a well-known song – wins a prize! The Spelling Contest of Mathematical words is for Stage 4 students only. Students in each class will compete to spell 10 Mathematical words chosen by their respective teachers. There will be 2 winners in each class in Year 7 and 8.

Stress Down Day is to raise vital funds for lifeline. Year 7 Students participated in a mental health workshop to destigmatise mental health. Whole school activities were held at lunch time with hand messages, twister, bubbles, music, cupcakes and popcorn. Theme was Eat well Sleep well Live well.

Stress Down Day Stress Down Day

Held Wednesday 29th June and Friday 1 July. Students were able to spend the day at TAFE accessing hands on activities in the following areas. Beauty and Hairdressing, Automotive, Mechatronics, Business/Finance/Retail, Information and Digital Technology, Early Childhood, Nursing/Social Work,Engineering/CAD and Construction. This program gives students and opportunity to try TVET courses ahead of their subject selections and see where it might lead them. Those that chose to attend, gained a lot from the days.

Enrolment interviews are in progress now!  Attention parents of Year 6 students who have not submitted an application - If your Year 6 student is intending to atttend Marian Catholic College in 2017, please contact Mrs Julian O'Keeffe at the College Office 02 6969 2400 ASAP. Thank you!

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