Mother M. Dominic, Sisters Benedict and Dorothea came to Griffith in 1921, to take over St Patrick’s, then a small, struggling school. The new school opened on September 4, with a roll call which included names still common at the school.

In 1950, four Marist Brothers, Brothers Oliver, Francis, Richard and Phillip came to Griffith and opened St Brendan’s School for boys in the old Griffith Hospital building.

In 1970 St Brendan’s School and the secondary department of St Patrick’s School combined to become Catholic High School at the current site, initially a Year 7-10 school, with Brother Clement Terry as founding Principal and Sr Rita Savage Assistant Principal.

The school was extended to include Years 11 and 12 with the first Higher School Certificate class in 1984. From 1991, when the Marist Brothers left Griffith, until 2006, the Sisters of Mercy continued to appoint Sisters to the position of Principal. On the departure of the Sisters of Mercy in 2007, the first lay principal was appointed.

The College’s crest features the chi-rho, the first two letters of the Greek word Kristos (Christ), our Saviour who brings us into the Life of God. Rays of light reach from Christ to the world at his feet. As Christ came to the world to bring life, we too are to carry the Life of Christ to the world. The star beside the chi-rho represents Mary, the patroness of both religious Congregations, under whose protection the College has been placed. In 2006 to recognise her patronage, “Marian” has been added to the school name. “College” has been adopted because we have students from Years 7 to 12, in keeping with our sister colleges in the Wagga Diocese.