College Location

Marian Catholic College is in the centre of the irrigation farming town of Griffith, in New South Wales, Australia. The town was designed by Walter Burley Griffin. He also designed Canberra, our national capital.

Griffith is a uniquely multicultural community. After World War Two, the Italian migrants came to the area bringing the vines and fruit farming expertise with them. Since then, people from many different cultures have found employment in Griffith.

The city is a thriving multicultural community which contributes to the diversity and prosperity of life in Griffith. Around the city are small horticultural holdings growing oranges, lemons, grapefruit, grapes and some vegetables. On the outskirts there are large farms with irrigation, that grow wheat, rice, canola and other grain crops. Sheep and cattle are also maintained by irrigation with large feedlots also operating.  Beyond are the dry area farms which grow grain crops and graze livestock.

The College has large grounds for student sport and is in a state of constant change and growth.

The closest university is in the city of Wagga Wagga which is east after two hours travelling time. Canberra is four hours east and has several universities.

There are regular REX  flights to Sydney, both in and out of the city.

The climate is semi – arid, boasting high temperatures in summer and mild winters.

Complaints Management

For policies and information regarding complaints including issues related to students, CEDWW employees and safeguarding (child protection) please use this link.