Welcome to Marian Catholic College

I believe that Marian Catholic College offers a distinctive education in the form of:

  • An explicit commitment to Catholic spirituality and values;
  • A concern for the safety and care of students;
  • A desire to lead students to respectful, disciplined and reasonable attitudes and behaviours;
  • An offering of rigorous and challenging learning experiences in order to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that life will present;
  • The provision of outstanding technology and learning facilities.

The staff at Marian Catholic College are highly committed to the well-being and learning of their students. They are seeking ways to enhance the learning opportunities within the college for the benefit of all.

What kind of school are we?

Years 7 to 12 co-educational Catholic College

  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Quality learning and teaching
  • Caring environment
  • Excellent educational facilities
  • Marian Catholic College is a place of learning, a place of belonging and a place of safety.

Within that, at the very heart of the College lies our Catholic faith. Liturgies and prayer encourage reflection and spiritual maturity and make an important contribution to the life-long faith development of each student.

Our College is diverse in cultures, rich in learning experiences and has modern educational facilities. The consistently strong academic achievements are complemented by extra-curricular activities and competitions in sport, music, creative and performing arts, public speaking, writing and chess.

What do we want for the young people in our care?

Student well-being and social justice are an important part of the College’s culture. We encourage a curious mind, a healthy body and a positive future. We want our students to be inspired, to develop their strengths, ambitions and hopes, and to be responsible and compassionate citizens who have confidence in their capacity to contribute to our community. Commitment, scholarship and service are the values consistently reinforced at Marian Catholic College.

Finally, it is a pleasure to be surrounded by a community which has great love and care for its students. I am confident that our motto “The Way, The Truth, The Life” is being fulfilled daily, as together, we are giving expression to Christ’s love and example by striving to fulfil our potential.

Alan Le Brocque