College Captains

Our College Captains & Vice Captains epitomise the values and hopes of the College and are able to empathise with all year levels.

They act as intermediaries between the student body and the College administration and they assist the members of our College community in discovering and living out the values that our College upholds.

College leadership strives to assist in realising among the students a strong sense of social justice, social commitment and support of social and spiritual needs.


Prefects are Year 12 students who have a valuable role in our College in assisting the Captains carry out  their dutiesof the in upholding the values of, and promoting, a caring College community.

They acknowledge the importance of service to the College, the promotion of a strong sense of social justice and social commitment.

They help in communication between students and the College staff and students and the College leaders.

House Captains

The House Captains organise, encourage and support the students as they compete in the swimming, althletics and cross country  carnivals.   The House Captains are Year 12 students elected by their peers and staff members.  House Vice-Captains are Year 11 students elected by their peers and staff members.

There are four sporting houses that have a splendid tradition at the college.  Click here for more information…..

Peer Support Leaders

Peer Support Leaders are Year 11 students who have committed themselves to specifically assist and mentor students in their first year of secondary school.  They do this through things such as workshops and bonding days.

They encourage the younger students to be self reliant and optimistic and to value their place in our college community.

Leadership Team