Recognition and Encouragement
of Positive Student Behaviour and Learning


Requirements Award Procedure Award
Students need to demonstrate:
~ A positive approach to learning
~ Co-operation
~ Initiative
~ Leadership
~ Outstanding improvement
~ Following sun-safe practices
~ School or community service
Awarded by any teacher at an appropriate time.
Students need to keep these in a safe place.
Red Merit Certificate
5 Red Merit Certificates Pastoral Coordinator initials and dates the 5 Merit Certificates when presented by students; records Bronze, Silver and Gold Achievers; informs Assistant Principal for inclusion in the Student Merit Award file and the College Newsletter. Awarded to student by the Pastoral Coordinator during House Assemblies Bronze Merit Certificate
Three Bronze Merit Certificates Assistant Principal oversees the maintenance of the Student Merit Award file Awarded by the Assistant Principal and House Coordinator at College Assembly Silver Merit Award
Three Silver Merit Certificates Awarded by the Principal at a College Assembly.  Students attend a special Principal’s Morning Tea once a term after receiving the Gold Merit Certificate. Students on Gold level attend a reward excursion at the end of the year. Gold Merit Certificate
Two Gold Merit Certificates Awarded by the Principal at a College Assembly. Griffith Discount Card
Three Gold Merit Certificates Awarded by the Principal at the final Academic Assembly. Gold bar pin
Marian All Star
Students need to demonstrate a personal best in any area either within the College or beyond the College
Any member of the College Community can nominate a worthy recipient. The Assistant Principal prepares the All Star Award and present at a College Assembly. Marian All Star
Marian Gold Star Honours
Students need to demonstrate excellence in five areas:
~ Academic awards
~ Community Service (10hrs for Stage 4,
20 hrs for Stage 5&6)
~ School Service (10hrs for Stage  4,
20 hrs for Stage 5&6)
~ Regional Representation
~ Participation in Cultural events
Prior to the final Academic Assembly for each Year 9 to Year 12, students need to present relevant certificates and awards to their Pastoral Coordinator for coordination and verification.

A portfolio is then presented to the Principal for determination for the Honours Award.

Presented by the Principal at the final Academic Awards ceremony.

Marian Gold Star Honours