Level 1

Student behaviour at this level may include being late for class, not completing work, damage to property, being out of uniform, using offensive language and bringing prohibited articles to the College, or non-compliance.

The teacher in the classroom or on duty deals with inappropriate behaviour at this level and may contact the parents (usually by phone).

Consequences may include extra work, moving the student’s position in class, short lunchtime detention, confiscation of property (which is handed to the Assistant Principal), mending property, cleaning graffiti or removing chewing gum.

Level 2

Student behaviour at this level often includes repeated or more serious examples of level 1 behaviour or may involve more serious breaches of expectations, for example, assessment tasks not done, dangerous behaviour, defiance or repeated non-compliance, verbal abuse or intimidation to staff or peers, bullying, bringing alcohol to school, smoking, or being out of bounds.

If the inappropriate behaviour is subject-related, the KLA Coordinator will manage the response to it. General misbehavior will be dealt with by the Pastoral Coordinator. Parents will usually receive a letter of concern and may be asked to come to the College for an interview.

Consequences may include warning letters, completing a daily behaviour contract sheet, restitution made for damage, loss of some privileges, exclusion from representing the College, Tuesday or Saturday detention, in-school suspension, or following a behaviour management plan.

Level 3

Student behaviour at this level is usually repeated or more serious examples of level 2 behaviour but also includes any action (including not handing in assessment tasks after the first warning) which risks an N award, truancy, violence towards other students, major or ongoing theft or vandalism, offensive personal or intimidatory comments to staff or peers, serious bullying or cyber-bullying, bringing illegal drugs, weapons or fireworks to school, drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs at school.

Parents will be contacted by the Assistant Principal and usually interviewed with the student.

Consequences include those listed for level 2 as well as second and subsequent N warning letters, loss of major privileges, exclusion from representing the College, suspension for up to three days and a level 3 behaviour management plan.

Level 4

This is the most serious level of breaches of student expectations, and usually involves repeated or more serious examples of level 3 behaviour but also includes violence or threats to staff or selling illegal drugs to other students.

Consequences may include an N determination for a subject or course, non-award of the School or Higher School Certificate, long suspension, contract to the Principal, conditional enrolment or exclusion from the College.

The Principal contacts parents and formally notifies them of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour at this level.

Restorative Justice at Marian

A restorative approach in a school shifts the emphasis from just managing behaviour to focusing on the building, nurturing and repairing relationships. The aim is to centre on the justice and a provide compass for interactions with others when things have gone wrong. This encourages young people to be accountable for their actions.

Developing the language is central to this. A restorative approach to conflict or wrongdoing consists in asking four key questions:

  • Who has been affected by what has happened?
  • How can we ensure that everyone’s perspective is heard?
  • What can be done to make things right or better for all concerned?
  • What can be learnt so something like this can be avoided in the future?

This approach is based on the notion that people need to take responsibility for the impact of their behaviour on other people and that the consequence of harmful (ie upsetting/distressing/ disruptive/destructive) behaviour is that relationships are damaged and people get disconnected. Through the facilitation of restorative meetings, relationships can be restored.