At Marian, our goal is to maintain and develop relationships based on Gospel values and in the spirit of the College motto “The Way, The Truth and the Life”. All students have the right to feel safe, secure and welcomed in their school learning environment.

Bullying and harassment are any form of behaviour directed towards a person that is unwanted and uninvited, which humiliates threatens and/or frightens a person and creates a risk to mental or physical health and safety. It includes contact that is direct, indirect, through a third party, by telephone, texting, in writing, by email, through social networking on the web, to individuals or to groups.

This may include:

  • Physical harassment such as hitting, kicking, pushing
  • Social harassment such as exclusion, spreading rumours
  • Verbal harassment such as threats, put-downs, pranks, teasing, stand-over tactics, name-calling
  • Economic harassment such as stealing money or property, not paying debts, ridiculing clothing or property
  • Sexual harassment such as inappropriate touching, gestures or comments about another person’s moral or private life
  • Cultural harassment such as racist remarks, language, insults or gestures
  • Spiritual harassment such as ridiculing beliefs and practices.

The Marian community expects:

  • students to show respect for each other, in words and actions
  • friends and observers of victims and bullies to speak out against bullying, harassment and anti-social behaviour
  • all acts of bullying, harassment and anti-social behaviour to be reported.

When bullying, harassment and anti-social behaviour are reported:

  • The student/s will be listened to
  • The situation will be assessed
  • A negotiated plan of action will be developed, which may involve disciplinary action or counselling
  • The appropriate people will be contacted
  • There will be follow-up for an agreed amount of time
  • Disciplinary action will be taken if students continue to demonstrate bullying, harassing or anti-social behaviour.

Other support options
Students are always welcome to seek support from their Homeroom Teacher, Pastoral Coordinator, Assistant Principal or the College Counsellor. Other options include:

Kids Help Line
1800 551 800
DOCS Helpline
132 111
131 114
Griffith Community Health
02 6966 9900
Beyond Blue