Students are expected not to litter the grounds, and to keep their classrooms and playground areas clean. Regular clean-up times will be scheduled. If students have caused damage to school property, they will be expected to pay for repair or replacement.

A committee of staff and students coordinates this annual publication. It provides an opportunity to record the year’s events.

These are usually organised by the Student Representative Council, and are supervised by parents and staff. Students need written permission to be at socials. Socials are school functions, so College rules apply.

Aerosol cans, knives, weapons, matches, fire-crackers and other implements which can cause harm to individuals or damage to College property are banned from the College.

Our office staff are most central to our College community. It is to them that students report when sick, hurt or late, or in need of despatching any urgent message. Office staff with first aid qualifications supervise sick students and contact parents by phone when a sick or injured student presents at the Front Office.

Lost property is left at the Front Office. Unclaimed property is given to St. Vincent de Paul Society at the end of each term. All clothing and books should be clearly marked with the student’s name so that lost items can be returned to owners.

The College takes no responsibility for students’ money and valuables (eg. jewellery, calculators, iPods) which students leave in bags. Students should not leave money or valuables unattended. Valuables may be left in the Front Office for safe keeping.

Students are not permitted to leave class and come to the phone, but Office staff will pass on messages to them from parents or family. Mobile phones are not permitted to be used at the College and will be confiscated if seen or used. Repeated offences will result in longer confiscation and parents being contacted to come to the College to collect the mobile phones.

Textbooks are provided to the students. The annual non-refundable textbook fee covers this. Students are to have their own folders, exercise books, writing tools, calculators and USB sticks.