The College recognises the importance of the home and school partnership in improving educational outcomes for students. We also acknowledge the benefits of parental support when it comes to managing home learning routines and the completion of assessment tasks. In order to help parents to support their children with the challenging demands of secondary high school, we provide access to calendars for each year group which detail the dates of all assessment tasks for each subject.

Students need to be assessed on what they know using a variety of methods, not just the “take-home” formal assessment tasks. Some forms of assessment are undertaken during class time. This includes Assessment for Learning Tasks (AFL), where the students will benefit from the processes of self-assessment, peer-assessment and descriptive teacher feedback. In class tasks may also include timed written responses or examination style tasks. For these tasks, prior study and preparation is vital to student achievement.

Parent access to this information allows for more involvement in your child’s learning through;

  • the ability to have informed conversations about assessments coming up;
  • encouraging and supporting students to establish effective time management and organisation; and
  • opening the communication between the parent, teacher and student.

Please click on the relevant link below to access your child’s assessment calendar.

NOTE: Calendars below show the start week for assessments. Students will be given actual day & times by their teachers.