Day 3

After being up for almost 38 hours straight the first nights sleep in Samoa was a welcomed rest. I didn’t make it past 8pm and rose to the sun shinning through at 8am!We had a lot to do today and we were on the road hunting breakfast by 9. We found a nice little Samoan bakery and then headed to the school.We went straight to the library and started working. More books had appeared in piles around the room and it was looking like a big job. The Aventi’s arrived just in time to start the sorting process. We arranged the old furniture and cleaned the whole place down. The team was doing an amazing job while Simon and I looked for paint around the whole of Samoa! We returned two hours later with our resources and the library was looking amazing.One thing we did notice was the range of old books they had. Julian was not happy about the gaps in their history section (there basically was none).We also met the music, sports and maths teacher. The music teacher told us that the guiter we fixed last time had been taken for use by the Parish and the others were thrown out. Belinda then told him about the Recorders we had from Marian and he was as excited as a Samoan music teacher gets. When i asked him how he teachers music without instruments he responded with “theory and then some theory…kids get bit bored”. This legend then went home to fetch his own guitar and we will fix it up for him tonight with the gear we brought from Dale Alison Music Wagga.We wrapped up work around 2 and headed to a local swimming hole for a dip. We paid a lady from the local village to have a swim only to find out we just donated money to a complete stranger. We are here for charity after all so we were not to upset. After resting in the ocean we had a big trip across the island to a cultural show and tradional dinner banquet.I think everyone enjoyed this because when they asked for volunteers most of the students sprinted up to the stage. We watched traditional dances and learnt some of the language. Even when the skies opened up to the rain the boys did not stop with their amazing fire show.It was a late night but another amazing day. See you with more tomorrow.

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