Day 4 – Faletusi Complete!

Today started off a thousand times better with a family from the local village that we met the night before offering to cook us breakfast and be our guides for the next couple of days. Sita, Julie, husband Ennie and daughter Anna set us up with a gourmet meal and hot cocoa. We were then straight to the Paul VI College and finishing the Faletusi (library). The great effort from the day before meant the books were in order so now it was about creating a room the kids were excited to be in and the teachers were inspired to teach in. Manvir and Shanuille created a beautiful mural on one door whilst Isabelle and Josh completed a mural on the back wall inspiring the kids to ‘READ’. It was coming along nicely and Teneeka and Lauren created magic on the other entry inviting the students in. You simply have to check out the photos. Sanita, with the help of others such as Tarnpreet, recognised the indigenous culture on their wall and I decided to quickly sketch a memory of our visit and gifts on one of the walls with the symbols of our two national flags coming together. Julian was our go-to man and made friends quickly with the maintence guys Niko and Tito and was a vital source of communciation and a means to get things done, absolute legend. The team were unbelievable with their efforts and they should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved in the two days at the school. We placed all of our gifts at the front of the room that included generous offerings like pens from Griffith Real Estate, music equipment from Allison Music Wagga Wagga, assorted stationary, school wear, sporting equipment and even a set of recorders Mr Segrave managed to organise. We presented these to staff and the Principal and they were in shock. They were extremely humbled and thanked us for our efforts. We pledged to continue to assist in the years to come and they graciously accepted. The rest of the day then was simply winding down as the locals took us to their family rock pool. We wrapped everything up with Sanita and Tarnpreet accepting the ‘masterchef’ challenge where they made a beautiful meal for everyone including our new local friends. It is often the simple things in life that are the best and at the moment this group is blowing me away with how happy they are and how much they are achieving in such a simple way. We still have the primary school to assist and I can’t wait to see what they can do. See you tomorrow.

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