Day 5

It was not a surprise to see everyone up bright and early to head off today! We were on time and that was because we were heading for the resort and a day of well earned rest. Some of the team were looking forward to their first hot shower since home, a chance to dry their towels from the tropical rain and enjoy the resort life for a night.We headed into Apia for breakfast and some resources and then made our way across the island to check out the To Sua Ocean Trench. This is an amazing watering hole and blew everyone away. After nearly two hours in the mini bus they sprung out to scale down into the abyss on a wooden ladder to swim in a secluded natural phenomenon. It was beautiful and we could have stayed there forever. So after Teneeka wrestled some local insects and won, Julian assisted Tarnpreet with her broken thongs and scraped knee. We were off again for our 2pm check in.The resort was a welcome sight and a paradise in the form of a home away from home. The kids spent the afternoon around the resort in pools, catching sleep and even dipped into the ocean. We had a great dinner together with most of us trying the local marlin. Some Griffith habits were still showing; nn order for spaghetti and meat balls managed to sneak in there. We then took the opportunity to retire early to prepare for the next adventure. Tomorrow we are making our way back to our base around the long side of the island and will visit waterfalls and secluded beaches, making it home just in time to be special guests for our host village mass at 430. We will have plenty to report tomorrow but for now it is time to rest… manuia le po (good night).

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