Normal Uniform Shop Opening Hours during Term weeks:
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:30am – 1pm
If you need to contact the Uniform shop, please:
Phone: 69692432 or email: and leave a message.

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Download the Uniform Price List HERE


At Marian, the uniform is a symbol of the College and a public declaration of its values, standards and beliefs. It creates a sense of collective pride and demonstrates equality and mutual respect among students. Full College uniform is to be worn correctly to and from the College, during the school day and to any arranged events, unless parents have been notified otherwise by an official College letter.

Students out of full uniform are expected to have a written note from a parent, which is to be presented to and signed by the Homeroom teacher.

For practical Physical Education lessons and other sporting activities, the official sports uniform is to be worn. Students, who do not have correct sports uniform, wear the College uniform to and from school and change for the appropriate activity.


The School uniform shop is open:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  8:30am to 1:00pm

and can provide all the student’s requirements regarding their uniform. A  uniform price list is available at the uniform shop or the College Office.

Physical Education Uniform

The new sports uniform is continuing to be phased in.

Both Girls & Boys details remain the same.

Girls: Navy or maroon shorts, navy and yellow or maroon and yellow sports top with embroidered College crest, shorts with white or black ankle socks, lace-up sports shoes. College hat/cap.

Boys: Navy or maroon shorts, navy and yellow or maroon and yellow sports top with embroidered, College crest, shorts with white or black ankle socks, lace-up sports shoes. College hat/cap.

Boys’ and Girls’ Tracksuit: Maroon tracksuit with gold piping on both jacket and pants, College hat/cap.


For safety reasons, jewellery is not to be worn, with the exception of a watch, sleepers or small studs (two per ear), signet ring and short neck chain. Bracelets, facial piercings and chunky jewellery pose a WH&S risk and, therefore, are not to be worn.


For safety reasons, fully enclosed black polishable leather school shoes are to be worn with the College uniform. Slip-on or canvas shoes are not safe, nor appropriate, especially for sport and, therefore, are not allowed at MCC.


The College broad brimmed hat may be worn. In winter, the College beanie may be worn. In Terms 1 and 4, all students must have their College hat and sunscreen for practical PDHPE, PASS and SLR classes, sporting events and carnivals. Students must also wear a hat/cap at lunch time and recess in any unshaded area. Maroon College scarves may only be worn in Terms 2 and 3.


  • Make-up is not permitted. Nail polish, other than clear, is not permitted. Any acrylic nails must be in a natural colour.
  • Hair colour is to be close to natural; extremes of cut or style are not permitted. Hair is to be neatly presented, away from the face. Any hair ties or head bands are to functional, rather than decorative, and to be College colours (white, gold, maroon, blue, black or white).
  • Boys’ facial hair is to be clean-shaven.
  • Girls’ dresses and skirts are to be knee length.
  • Ties are expected to be worn up to and covering the top button of the shirt.
  • Belts should be black or dark brown.
  • Non-uniform garments (such as T-shirts, singlets, boxer shorts and/or leggings) are not to be visible.
  • Some Key Learning Areas (subjects) have special requirements concerning dress, e.g. aprons or uniforms for Technological and Applied Studies; long hair tied back for PDHPE, Science, Design and Technology and Visual Arts. These regulations must be followed.